I Will Look as I please.


1m12s ; 2016

Employing the ideology that words can be treated like objects and somewhat are therefore sculptural; Foster is able to create a loosely structured and composed layered ensemble of monologues and atmospheric sounds relating to when she lived for 7 months in Stuttgart, Germany.


Spoken language is almost tangible and she is able to experiment, to manipulate, to build, break and assemble. In this piece she explores the auditory prosodic features (Intonation, Stress, Pitch) of Jamaican Patois (creole) which is staggered and overlayed alongside musically imporvised and composed piano parts . 


She wrote the monolgue for this sound piece in the Kunste Akademie when she had time to reflect on how she was being percieved in this new country she called home. There is a strong Sarcasm, Exageration and Irony throughout which is meant to question and emphasise the absurdity and insensitivity of behaviour as well as language commonly used in a political sphere and within general conversation by individuals when talking about Black and Ehnic Monorities inparticular foreign people and refugees.This piece explores common language used when conversing about Migrant, Immigration, Foriegners, Male Gaze, Generalisation and Sterotypes.  In context Stuttgart is a very conservative city with a well understood and commonn understanding that Germans have a internalised staring/gaze culture exspecially towards Immigrants and Migrants wich is a significant theme within Angst essen Seele auf /Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) which inspired her piece of work. Rainer Werner Fassbinder film captures tension, exageration and human behaviour very cleverly.

This work is best viewed within a public space this may be an immediate environment or within an unfamiliar environment. The work has a reflective tone so this work can be equally played with headphones and through speakers. 

I will look as i please
I Will Look As I Please - Jade Foster
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Strange Fruit, 2015

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