Sekkle : The Studios

Sekkle: The Studios

Settle: The Studios


3m13s ; 2016

Employing the ideology that words can be treated like objects and somewhat are therefore sculptural; Foster is able to create a loosely structured and composed layered ensemble of monologues and atmospheric sounds relating to the University in which she studies in. Spoken language is almost tangible and they are able to experiment, to manipulate, to build, break and assemble.


In this piece she explores the auditory prosodic features (Intonation, Stress, Pitch) of Jamaican Patois (Creole) which is staggered and overlaid alongside natural sounds of her immediate environment- Britannia Mill Studios, University of Derby. As the only BAME student in her year and one a few within the course, they criticises the institution in reference to its Whiteness, White Washing and Racial Hierarchies.


By examining 'the studios' which is a social and educational space; they are attempting to create connections, critique and dissect the very incubator and environment in which she creates art.

This work is best viewed within a public space. The sound has a reflective tone so would be best listened to with headphones or earphones. 

Sekkle: The Studios - Jade Foster
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