Berlin Bar

Berlin Bar


2m 04s ; 2016

Employing the ideology that words can be treated like objects and somewhat are therefore sculptural; Foster is able to create a loosely structured and composed layered ensemble of monologues and atmospheric sounds relating to her experience travelling alone to Berlin and her recollection of  numerous encounters she had with strangers.


Inspired by a photograph she took during a specific encounter she wrote a narrative from the perspective of being a displaced, disorientated lonesome hyper-vigilant foreign British Black Woman subjected to the gaze.


She narrates a very eerie and sinister toned piece which contains undertones of heavy breathing referring to the physical response within stages of sexual arousal. 


Spoken language is almost tangible and she is able to experiment, to manipulate, to build, break and assemble. In this piece she explores the auditory prosodic features (Intonation, Stress, Pitch) of Jamaican Patois (creole) which is staggered and overlaid alongside sound effects,

This work is best viewed within a public space. Due to reflective tone of the work it is best listened to through headphones or earphones.

Berlin Bar - Jade Foster
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Berlin Bar, 2016

Digital Raw Photograph

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