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Blackbirds (2018)
Sound Documentary Series

Key explorations are in the relationship between URL and IRL, between the public and private spheres, between history and the moment.


1st Audio Experimentation






























Why You Want To Fly Blackbird, You Ain’t Ever Gonna Fly  (2018) is titled after Nina Simone’s song Blackbird produced in 1966 that is metaphorical for the restricted emancipation, struggles and pain experienced by Black Women in America post-slavery and during the era of the civil rights movement.


The work incorporates noise, synthesized sound, music, archived material and monologues from Visual Artists Khaleb Brooks, Rene Matić and Emerciana Desouza who between them identify as Femme, Womxn, Trans and Non-Gender Conforming.


Fragmenting, distorting, disjointing and reconstructing the voices of artists as a process of making, personifies the uneven and shared realities of the underrepresented.




Khaleb Brooks is an American Black, Trans and Gender non-conforming International Visual Artist and Actor currently switching between London, New York and other places. ‘’Their latest work, Mapping Transition: Black Trans Bodies and Their Histories, Khaleb purposefully disrupts presumptuous ideas on who trans people are, where they come from, what they look like and their experiences.’’


Emerciana Desouza is a Creative Arts Practitioner and Artist. She Is ‘’deeply concerned with catalysing change and transformation on both personal social levels, as well as addressing negative life experiences with creative and holistically informed solutions.’’


Rene Matić is a conceptual artist currently studying a BA in Fine Art at Central St Martins. Her work explores the intersections of her own identity as a queer, mixed race, woman of colour, aiming to expose, combat and question power relations and structures within the art world and society more widely.

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