They/She is a 3rd Generation Caribbean multidisciplinary Artist working with sound, performance and photography. Using spoken language and their own voice they experiment with Creole, English, gender ambiguous voices amalgamated with improvised speech, synthesisers, music, noise and audio from social media and online archives.


Their work is steeped in the notions of survival, racial hyper-visibility/invisibility and intersectionality. They are concerned with exploring the representations and symbolisms of the black body within the public sphere. Through the auditory and the visual they are investigating the relationship between history and the moment; between public and private space; between architectural space and personal space as well as the Ephemeral.


Recent exhibitions include Sounding Gender?, Convention#1 Exhibition, Aarhus, Denmark; Stand Up!, Artcore Gallery, Derby (2018); If we are going to heal, let it be glorious, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2017)

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